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God Bless America

So blessed and honored to sing God Bless America again for my favorite baseball team, the Kansas City Royals!

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Nashville Songwriter's Top 40

I am honored that my new song, A Thing or Two, was selected to be part of the Nashville Songwriter's Top 40.

A Thing or Two

New Release!!

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Day Like This
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Your Truck

It's finally here!

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@Kenziemitch1 Hell yes we do
@Kenziemitch1 Yaaaasssss!!!
Last night I was trying to get comfortable in bed and I punched myself in the elbow and my whole arm went numb. Basically my week
RT @Mizzou: Did somebody say spring? 😍 📷 by Shane Epping https://t.co/NA44vbbB29
Excited to be back singing God Bless America again at a @Royals game June 4, 2017! https://t.co/oqGo7rvf0c